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The Story!

It all started one rainy and cold night many a many years ago. (LOL JUST KIDDING)  But it did go back several years ago while sitting outside on a beautiful summer night on the back deck while having a Bar BQ, as many of us can relate to. While the sun just started to go down I still could hear the faint sounds of trumpets and bugles in the distance, This was the warning sound of what was to happen next. within minutes of sitting down and relaxing and having a nice meal we were infiltrated by Mosquitoes, NOT JUST YOUR ONE OR TWO buzzers but a herd, flock, a platoon whatever you want to call it it made our stay outside limited to where we rushed into the house and finished off our no indoor meal. At this point, I was frustrated that all those chemical-bought store products didn't not only work but were harmful to us. So I decided to look for a better Mouse trap as they called it. After talking to several family members about insects, it was brought to my attention that my Mother (who was Polish) used to go outside with her little spray bottle and spray an area where we as kids we would play. Not thinking too much of it at the time thought our mother was losing it, but it turned out she would spray the yard with Garlic, yes GARLIC. So the wheels started to turn, After trial and error I came up with an all-natural Garlic Product that was safe for the environment and Humans, not to mention our Pets. So now we were to prove that it works in a commercial application. We started to spray  Dog Parks, boulevards, and Kids' Day Cares, not to mention Summer camps. And to my endeavours and struggles found not only does this work on Mosquitoes, but Ticks and other insects that cause Lyme disease. So Eco-Tick Solutions Inc. was born. Run by myself and my wife has made Eco-Tick Not only profitable with low overhead but Environmentally friendly for our future families and their kids. We are now offering a full Franchise with our knowledge and leading edge to a new and better future.

Please be a part of a New Way of Taking Back Your Yard!

Edward Chodowski CEO

Beverly Howes CFO

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